Deputy Head Girl 2014

Being elected as Table VIew High school’s Deputy Head Girl for 2014 is the best achievement i have ever received in my school career!

i will do whatever it takes to honour this role and make Table View High school proud.

I intend on making a difference in my school and this campaign has proven just how important it is to make a difference in someone else’s life.

I am so grateful to be trusted with this role and i intend on making 2014 an awesome year for everyone!


Cape Town-20130508-00344-10

I have no idea what i would do without her!

Summer time!

Summer is here!
Which means it’s time for days at the beach again!

NOWstolgia campaign video.

Here is the NOWstolgia campaign video !

These are just a few NOWstolgia moments that are happening everyday around my school.


Pre- Workout session.

Here is a behind the scenes video of the boys’ doing a pre-workout session before the NOWstolgia photo shoot.

NOWstolgia speech.

Here is the video of my speech in assembly!

Excuse the bad quality , but i hope it inspires you, just like it inspired the people in my school.